Richard Avedon: Bob Dylan, 1965

Majestic Road
"‘I was never cool in high school. Thank God for that! Trust me: being too cool too soon is no good. Those cool guys never end up on a stage like this one. The Black Keys, Midlake: none of them were cool guys in high school. The cool guys are now – I don’t know – accountants. They’re smoking cigars and cheating on their wife. I keep telling my own kids – and I tell you kids right now: don’t peak too early.’"

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) - Rock Werchter 2014


Evocative landscape from this early spring in my mountains. 
Inspired by the music of old sentenced albums.
The clouds / fog are always moving , I stayed wandering among marmots’ And suddenly a magical opening appeared in these dark cliffs .
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